Director's Message


Welcome to the Inter University Centre for Teacher Education (IUCTE), BHU, Varanasi, an autonomous establishment under the umbrella of the University Grants Commission (UGC). IUCTE was established in 2014, to create and nurture a robust foundation of capacity building and professional development in the field of teacher education.

A teacher plays an indispensable role in shaping the future of a country. Also, quality teachers can promote quality education across the globe. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that the teachers are passionate, motivated, highly qualified, and well-equipped. To do so, IUCTE intends to nurture a culture of professional excellence specifically in the field of teacher education and also in the whole gamut of higher education in general.

I am delighted to be joining IUCTE as its second Director. Our focus is to create and implement short and long-term goals and action plans to achieve those goals. In doing so, we look forward to building strategic relationships with Indian and International institutions and experts to brainstorm ideas and design processes for improvements in teacher education.

We aim to take a leadership role to drive policies that promote excellence, innovation, and interoperability between different levels of education, focusing on teacher education. Furthermore, we aim to leverage technology to digitize and digitalize teaching and learning processes in the best possible ways that conform to India's tech infrastructure.

In our pursuit of building and promoting collaboration, growth mindset, and thought leadership processes, we value your inputs and thus encourage you to provide valuable ideas on improving and enhancing teacher education. You can reach us via email at directoroffice[at]iucte[dot]ac[dot]in.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Prof. Prem Narayan Singh
Director, IUCTE, BHU, Varanasi